Sweet Repeats

Sweet Repeats

Volunteering ..

Volunteers who ARE consigning:

At least 4 hours, can shop presale

and also earn 65% commission!!

At least 8 hours, can shop presale,

and also earn 70% commission!!

Volunteers for Breakdown

Breakdown hours will be  Saturday, April 23 at (2- until)

There are many incentives to Volunteers, and we appreciate all of you that volunteer. Our sales would not be successful without you. Thanks so much. Sign up Today to Volunteer.

Margaret: 803-984-4455 or  Tammy 803-517-1597

Volunteers hours

*Drop off - Tuesday, April 19  (10am-7pm)  and Wednesday, April 20  (9 am-1pm)

*Organizing for presale- Wednesday, April 20 (1pm-4pm)

*Presale- Wednesday, April 20   (4pm-8pm)    

 *Sale- Thursday, April 21  (9am-7pm)  

*1/2 off Sale, Saturday, April 23  (8am-2pm)

* Breakdown, Saturday, April 23  (anytime between  2-6pm) (see details above)